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Peace | Postpartum Calming Tea Blend

Peace | Postpartum Calming Tea Blend

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Calming Tea Blend for Postpartum Healing

Introducing Peace postpartum calming tea blend! This organic blend has been formulated to help you transition into motherhood with ease and calmness. So brew yourself a cup, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment. Not to brag, but we think it's gonna be #1 on your list of must-haves!


Herbs in this blend are 100% certified organic and hand-blended with love. 


Organic Chamomile, Organic Oatsraw

Cool Fact!

Elephants are very peaceful, tender and compassionate. They rub their foreheads and bodies against another elephant while resting to demonstrate their unity, peace and love! We are wishing you that same kind of peace in your postpartum journey!

Other Details:

Choose between 24 or 50 servings

How to Make An Herbal Infusion for Postpartum Healing


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